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L Leadership-Leadership
Having a leadership spirit in each of the company’s human beings to contribute to the company and its surrounding environment.


I Integrity-Integrity
Demonstrate commitment, honesty, and able to demonstrate high self-discipline and adhere to the prevailing provisions.


Q Quality-Quality
Provide the best service and quality products to achieve customer satisfaction.


U Unity-Unity
Bringing together the various opinions and views of the company’s human beings with a different background of science in order to achieve one goal is to become a leading company in the field of LNG.


I Intelligence-Intelligence
Improving the company’s competence to progress the company and face global competition.


D Development-Development
Develop the company’s business to be able to provide reliable and innovative solutions in meeting the energy needs.

S Safety-Safety
Prioritize the implementation of quality policy, safety, Health & Environment in the company’s work environment.